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Uttarakhand Rojgar Samachar

Uttarakhand Vimarsh’ is an attempt to bring all stakeholders for development of Uttarakhand on a single platform -Kishore Upadhyay

Uttarakhand Vimarsh’ is an attempt to bring all stakeholders for development of Uttarakhand on a single platform -Kishore Upadhyay: Dehradun.The second edition of ‘Uttarakhand Vimarsh’ was held today at Hindi Bhawan where representative from all major political party along with intellectuals from various field came together to discuss the achievement of the state in the last one and a half decade and the way forward.

Speaking on the occasion people from different political parties put forward their views on issues like Green Bonus , Migration from Hills and Unemployment
. Senior journalist Mr. Jai Singh Rawat gave a vivid account of the natural resources available in Uttarakhand and the means and way to utilize the same for the benefit of common Uttarakhandi . He also urged the state government to ensure land consolidation as only 14% of the state land is in private people name and the rest 86% is with the state government.

Most of the speaker’s were of the view that holistic devlopment of Uttarakhand is possible only when we have our permanent state Capital in hills instead of Dehradun.

Concluding the seminar discussion, Kishore Upadhyay Ex President Uttarakhand Congress urged all the participants to create a road map to held such seminar in every District Headquarters. Mr Upadhyay further elaborated that the seminar at District level will have deliberations on primarily five major points
1)Steps taken by successive government to preserve the environment eco system of Uttarakhand
2)Policy formulated by present and previous government to harness the natural resources, and way forward
3)Detailed discussion on policy to arrest migration from Hills
4) Strengthing of state economy by efficient utilization of natural resources.
5) Deliberations on plight of small and marginal farmers, businessman and unemployed youth.

Experts from different field will be invited to put forward their views on all five points and the ideas from the seminar will be presented to the state government to formulate and implement sustainable policy .

Prominent speakers were Mr Daulat Kunwar, Mr Shanti Prasad Bhatt, Mrs Geeta Gairola, Mr Yakub Siddiqui, Mr Samar Bhandari, Mr Bacchi RamnKanswal, Mr Hussiann Ahmed ,Mr Sudhir Kapoor among others.

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