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Chief Minister’s app UTTARAKHAND 

 Chief Minister’s app UTTARAKHAND 

DEHRADUN Hargiri, a  farmer of village Katmi Gajar in Betalghat area of Nainital district from where many had migrated, by the dint of hard work without any government help had turned his infertile soil into a green pasture. He had dug a 30 meter hole himself to install a diesel pump for irrigation to produce onions, garlic and potatoes. In the absence of any electricity pole in the area, he was running his water pump with diesel all these years. There was danger of wild animals as his fields were surrounded by forests and wild growth. He was protecting his farm produce from wild animals by lighting an earthen lamp and wood during night.

 He read in a newspaper that complaints registered on Chief Minister’s mobile app are resolved quickly. Encouraged by the piece of information, his son posted their grievance on the Chief Minister’s mobile app.  Acting on the complaint, the Chief Minister office instructed the power department to provide electricity connection to the farmer. The Chief Engineer, UPCL, Kumoan region ordered his officials to provide the electricity connection to Hargiri immediately.

 Within 18 hours of making a complaint on Chief Minister’s mobile app, electricity connection was provided in the fields of Hargiri making him and his family happy. They entire family has thanked the Chief Minister.

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